Our CEO Dewey Burke explains how The Lux Exchange provides capital to individuals and businesses in exchange for luxury assets that we either purchase or hold as loan collateral. Transactions can support individuals or businesses in a range of situations requiring immediate financings, such as moments of transition, small business needs, aspirational purchases and large, unexpected expenses.

Selling, Borrowing, Trading in
Selling Luxury Goods to LuxExchange vs. Selling Them Yourself
How Does LuxExchange Compare to Traditional Financing
Financing via LuxExchange vs. Selling Securities
LuxExchange for the Small Business Owner
Small Business
The Luxury Line of Credit
LuxExchange for the Watch Collector
Selling, borrowing, trading in
The Luxury Line of Credit
How does LuxExchange compare to traditional financing?
How do people use LuxExchange
The Lux Exchange prides itself on discretion and speed. In certain instances, in-person appointments are a necessity.

For local Coloradans, our Headquarters in Denver is a secure and private meeting place. For our out-of-state clients, we can come to you.

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